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From high pressure jetting to CCTV drain surveys and reports we can help!

We can unblock your drain by using rods, high pressure jetting or electro mechanical spring machine. All our vans are fully equipped with high pressure jetting units and electro mechanical spring machine including many other types of specialist equipment for unblocking drains, toilets sinks and showers.


C.C.T.V Surveys

A  CCTV survey will establish the condition of your drains by using the latest technology and equipment. We can identify any issues and provide a report, DVD and a quotation for any repairs required.


Pipe lining is used to restore the structural integrity of drains and pipework without the cost and disruption of excavation.


Pipe lining can be used to prevent and repair root ingress, damaged, cracked pipework and open joints. It is also ideal for sealing leaks and is beneficial for drains and pipework where excavation is impractical due to location or depth.

At Blandford Drains, we are experienced in the repair of drains either by conventional excavation methods or by in-situ no dig repair techniques.


Typical excavation works can include:


• Repairing collapsed broken or leaking drains

• Installing new sections onto existing systems

• Replacement of gullies & manhole covers

• Emergency or pre-planned works

Excavation and Repairs


We can provide written quotations for repairs; estimates are only given where the amount of work cannot be accurately assessed.

Septic Tanks and Soakaways

Phone for advice.

Sewage Treatment Plants

Service and installation


We are committed to maintaining high standards and always offer a guarantee with our work.

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Pump Stations

Service and installation